Leigh Moyer

About Me

Leigh MoyerHere’s the deal: you got my printed resume, the one that proves I’m a grown up when it counts. But look, that stuff is not a whole lot of fun. Frankly, I’m not all that interested in the boring, serious side of resumes. I’m a little goofy. I write in my own voice and I have a strong voice. I might not fit into the cookie cutter they are looking for over there at LinkedIn. But we aren’t over there. We are here. Besides, I am so much more than just my resume. I am a person. This is me. 

I am passionate. I love to learn and dig into new information whenever it is presented. I watch documentaries for fun. I live for the latest program on PBS. I am what most would call a nerd. I’d call it a natural learner. I’d call it adventurer. I’d call it curiosity.

I studied history in school and can talk your ear off about World War I aviation or the War of 1812. I am fascinated by science and technology and stay abreast of both the latest discoveries and the best “worst” science jokes.

I am a teacher. As much as I loved all the time I’ve spent sitting in a classroom, I love standing at the front of one so much more. Teaching is exhausting and hard and sometimes totally draining and also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Every second I spend in front of a classroom solidifies for me that I am destined for that profession. The opportunity to pass what I have learned on and, even more than that, to spark in my students the same passion I have for learning, to be that teacher, is my life’s goal.

I also am a writer. There, I said it. I am a writer. I write. A lot. And I really like doing it. For now the pages and pages of half ideas and characters as strange as I am are just a hobby but one day I intend to publish a novel. Or three. Hey, it’s my goal, why stop at just one?

Oh, and in my spare time, I think I’ll save the world.