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The AmeriCorps YVC Team Leader – Economy plans and implements high-quality volunteer and service learning projects that have a positive impact on the economy with youth ages 11 to 18 through the team-based Youth Volunteer Corps, a program of Volunteer Southern Arizona. This assignment contributes to the mission of Volunteer Southern Arizona by instilling a life-time ethic of service in youth and impacting pressing community challenges focused on the economy.

  • Serves as a positive role model to youth by demonstrating a passion for youth empowerment, service, leadership, and community.
  • Plans, coordinates, and leads, in collaboration with community partners, high quality weekend volunteer projects that focus on having a positive impact on the economy.
  • Designs, coordinates, and facilitates, in collaboration with community partners, high quality service learning programs during the summer of service that focus on having a positive impact on the economy.
  • Recruits youth to participate in Youth Volunteer Corps projects and activities.
  • Secures the resources necessary to achieve project goals through in-kind donations or project-specific grant writing.
  • Engages appropriate community leaders and the media to demonstrate the impact of youth service.
  • Collaborates with youth, AmeriCorps members, community partners, and Volunteer Southern Arizona staff and volunteers to develop strategies and build capacity to further strengthen the community through service.
  • Provides excellent customer service to all stakeholders

    The 2012 Youth Now Collaboration AmeriCorps team!

AmeriCorps has been one of the most amazingly enlightening and challenging experiences I have done. My role as a team leader means that I work with youth ages 11 to 18 in projects that benefit the southern Arizona community. During my term I have worked on a number of projects, most of my construction and interest.

Youth Volunteer Corps Team Leaders

Through the Looking Glass
Working with the Sonoran Glass School, one of the only non-profit glass blowing school in the United States, youth aided in beautifying the school’s Peace and Sculpture Garden. Youth cleaned the space, planted, installed sculptures, welded new sculptures, and created many mosaics to decorate the walls of the garden.

Entire group working at Sonoran Glass School. In the foreground a birdbath mosaiced and installed by youth.


WALL-E sculpture design and welding done by youth volunteers.

Arizona 100 and You!
In honor of Arizona’s 100th birthday, this project worked with the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Youth got an in-depth picture of history and museum function. Through study and comparison with several other museums, youth were able to contribute to updating and revamping of the interactive 1870s exhibit. 


Clean and Beautiful Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Putting in the equivalent of several weeks of staff time, volunteers filled a gap for the budget strapped Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Youth not only performed tasks as basic and simple as tending gardens and cleaning museums to more complex tasks such as harvesting saguaro fruit and sorting and documenting ancient river sediment removed from the cave.

The volunteers at the cave entrance.


Home Away From Home
Youth spent a week working with Native Seeds/SEARCH and Iskashitaa, two local non-profits focused on food and survival in their own ways. Youth worked with plants from the seed to the harvest. They also met and worked with several refugees. Both activities expanded their ideas and expectations of the community and their world.

Youth volunteers paint gourds with Swahili Bantu refugees.


Rebuilding Together


We worked with Rebuilding Together to paint a house with a veteran housing community called Esperanza en Escalante. Rebuilding Together focusing on updating and remodeling existing homes at no cost to the home owner using donated supplies and a volunteer work force. Our youth completely repainted a house and preformed over due yard maintenance work.

The whole bunch BEFORE painting – all clean… for now!

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