Leigh Moyer

The Rogue Theatre

Our mission is to create the highest quality theatre possible, challenging, stretching, and invigorating our community.


The Rogue Theatre was my home for three seasons. I helped in almost every capacity, save for actually acting. Whether in the house, lobby, box office, or sneaking cookies to actors, I was happy.

For the past three years, I have lived and breathed that rich aroma of culture; taking in Shakespeare and Beckett, Faulkner and Albee, Plath and Boccaccio. I wasn’t solely a captive member of the audience at the Rogue but a house-managing, patron-ushering, actor-coddling, all around crisis averter. My official title was Snack Bar Manager. But it was also Head Usher and Box Office Assistant. I worked in all aspects of the theatre, where ever I was needed.

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